About Us


Us at Branson Landing in Branson, MO, August 2013

   Hey there! First and foremost, we would like to personally thank you for visiting “Life Is A Roller Coaster” as we document our travels across North America. As of this very moment, we have been visiting theme parks together for about 4 years and have no intentions of stopping. To us, each and every trip is an adventure. These adventures all share the same end result, a theme park, but the journeys and experiences could not be more different.

   We thrive on our adventures since they enrich our lives with countless opportunities to learn about other cultures and see how different areas of the country live. Yes, the main driving force in our trips is amusement parks, but we also try our best to take in as much culture as possible. It amazes us how different life can be just a few hours away from home, and we love talking to local shop owners and patrons to better understand the customs (and delicious food!) of our destinations.

St. John's University and Manhattan College

Class of 2015!

About Kevin:

Roller coasters have been my passion for years, and I started traveling the continental United States for roller coasters years before Lexie and I met. Now, I’m happy to have someone to share my passion and love for adventure with. This very passion for the amusement industry is what drove me to study Mechanical Engineering at Manhattan College with the dream of one day being able to design and build rides of my own.

In 2014, I attended my first IAAPA Attractions Expo and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Everyone I spoke to genuinely loved their job, which is something I put a lot of value into. What is the point of doing something you don’t like? The event was a great reminder of how much work and perseverance you must have to get your foot in the door in such a small industry, but with enough diligence it is possible.

I now work with Falcon’s Creative Group located in Orlando, Florida. Most of my time is spent in Auto-CAD where I am bringing the thematic concept/vision we have for any given project to life in an architecturally and physically sound way. Each day I get to work on something that truly interests me, and I hope I can become a major asset to the team as I continue to develop as a young professional in the amusement industry.

About Lexie:

Sure, I’ve always loved riding roller coasters, but I had never heard of anyone traveling the States to ride them until I met Kevin. His unique passion has taken me from New Jersey to Maine, Virginia, Ohio, and California (just to name a few), which are places I probably would’ve never gotten to experience otherwise. As mentioned in Kevin’s bio, his passion drove us (literally) down to Orlando, FL, and we are thrilled to explore everything the Sunshine State has to offer.

I recently graduated from St. John’s University with a BS in Biology and am working at a hospital and pursuing a career as a physician assistant. I absolutely love working with people, and for me, nothing feels better than caring for others. If you have any questions about our travels, college, favorite ice cream flavors, or any other inquires, please feel free to reach out to either Kevin or I!

The two of us know that “Life is a Roller Coaster“–so why don’t you ride it with us?